Ben Watts

Ben Watts’ photography is featured regularly in the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazines around the world. In his rare “downtime”, he recently co-founded a popular summer wine, Watts Up Rosé, and is known for his annual Shark Attack party in Montauk. We chatted with him about channeling inspiration into productivity.

What was behind your original vision for your photography?

I’ve always had a lot of interest in music and pop culture.  A lot of my friends were involved in that so I started with focusing my camera on them.

How’d you go about making your vision a reality?

You've got to plan your day.  Set up the shoot. Organize everyone involved and communicate your ideas well, along with a little bit of humor. But at the same time leave room for spontaneity.

Your home is gorgeous. How does your creative space impact your work?

Actually I would say that my work is what impacts my home.  I fill it with photos of people and things that I love from my travels.

See more of Ben’s work at, and follow his fashionable life at @wattsupphoto.