Cyndi Ramirez

Cyndi Ramirez, the NYC-based entrepreneur and popular lifestyle blogger, first started dabbling in restaurant reviews out of a love of discovering hidden gems in New York’s East Village. Eight years later, her growing Taste the Style site explores the growing connection between food and fashion, and she’s also the co-founder of skincare line DAILE. We asked Cyndi about building on her vision and some insider dining tips.

What was behind your creative vision for Taste The Style?

I founded Taste The Style to bring two seemingly different industries together under one platform and to reaffirm the fact that food is most definitely fashionable. The Taste The Style mission is to inform our readers on style and food related news, inspire them through our original editorial series, and to introduce them to like-minded insiders and brands. Our ultimate goal is to fuse fashion and food offline through merchandise and events. The possibilities are endless.

How did you go about making your vision a reality?

Taste The Style started as a little restaurant review blog. I was heavy into hidden gems mostly around the East Village and Lower East Side and would explore and report back. That was really it -- that was eight years ago. I put it on hold for a while then revived it as a personal style & food blog two and a half years ago just as a creative outlet and a way for me to report on the two things I love most in this world. It wasn't until a little over a year ago that I decided to turn the blog into more of a media brand. This is just the beginning of the long journey ahead. 

What is the best meal you have had recently? 

I checked out Fish & Game in Hudson, NY fairly recently and loved the whole experience. The whole chicken and the uni tagliolini are a must. 

While most assume that the fashionable don't enjoy food - we know this isn't true.  What is your take on the close relationship between food and fashion?

Fashion has always been a bit obsessed with food but more so now because reputable designers have actually made it acceptable to rock watermelon clutches or sweatshirts with a big McDonald's logo on it (hi, Moschino.) I also think a lot of it has to do with photography (maybe even social media) as a whole. Creatives are editorializing the two more and more because brands are catching on to this trend. Not to mention, food engagement on Instagram is at an all-time high! It's not low-brow in the fashion industry's inspirational.

How do the Kingsley Rowe frames you chose reflect your personal taste and style?

The shape of the lens is what I'm mostly drawn to -- such a sucker for aviator lenses. I definitely have a bit of a hippie/bohemian aesthetic so when it comes to my eyewear, I immediately go retro. 

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