Athena Currey

Athena Currey started The Posters in order to give collectors-on-a-budget access to art through premium quality posters from emerging and established artists alike. Having lived in New York for over fifteen years, she recently moved to LA and started collaborating with some of the most fascinating artists in the world. Each poster sale supports art education for a child living in an American city. Athena told us a bit about how it all came together.

What was behind your creative vision for The Posters?

The Posters started with a simple premise: sell big, beautiful posters by top artists through for $55 each. When each poster is sold, The Posters gives 10% of the proceeds to arts education groups to pay for art classes for underserved kids. Every three posters sold equals 1+ hours of art class for a kid.​

How’d you go about making your vision a reality?

Start with a very thought out plan and then be prepared to change it.  Things that are good in theory may not actually work in reality. Being flexible allows the business to organically form and gives it space to grow. 

Which is the better art town right now, NYC or LA? Why?

There are talented artists everywhere you look! We have an upcoming poster by LA artist Sam Falls and Miami based artist Jim Drain and hope to work with artists all across America. 

What one piece of art would you buy if money were no object?

I ​love Florine Stettheimer​, Cy Twombly​ and Matisse. If I had to choose one it would be Cy Twombly.

How do the Kingsley Rowe frames you chose reflect your personal style / aesthetic?

They are fun and a bit quirky.

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