Andrew Weitz

Andrew Weitz had built an impressive client roster at WME when he decided to leave the Hollywood mega-agency last year. He had also built a reputation as one of its best-dressed agents, well known as the Tom Ford-clad go-to guy for style advice and weekend shopping support, inspiring him to take a leap of faith and start The Weitz Effect, a menswear styling consultancy for high-powered executives. We asked Andrew about the power of style.

What was behind your creative vision for The Weitz Effect?

I see style as the conduit to confidence and success in both professional and personal life.  So, I set out to help men who work in fields where their professional image has a direct impact on their success.  And through style, The Weitz Effect helps men increase their confidence, business network, personal relationships, income and career advancement, amongst several other outcomes and results. 

How’d you go about making your vision a reality?

One word:  Passion.

Who’s your “Old Hollywood” style icon?

I have several but the one who always comes to mind first is Humphrey Bogart. 

What’s LA’s most fashionable hotspot?

There are several spots (depending on your age group), but my favorite is the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel and SoHo House.

How do the Kingsley Rowe frames you chose reflect your personal style / aesthetic?

I am a fashion forward gentleman. My style is like a cocktail. It's a mixture of edgy, conservative, chic, hip and dandy; all of which I think these frames reflect.

See more of Andrew’s life and work at @theweitzeffect and @andrewweitz.